Welcome to the Scam

You came in that thing?

Mumble [muhm-buhl]  1.  to speak in a low indistinct manner, almost to an unintelligible extent; mutter.

Scam [skam] 1.  a confidence game or other fraudulent scheme, especially for making a quick profit; swindle.

— ——————————————————————–

We live in a complicated world where everyone is selling something and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. We become so focused, on just trying to make sense of  all the noise and distractions, that we miss what’s really happening. Our son discovered this principle at 18 months and practiced it to perfection. His 3-step scam is so ingeniously simple and devious only a toddler could have created it.

  1. The set-up:  Him looking incredibly cute and innocent.
  2. The mumble:  “Mumblewumblebabytalkwumblemumble, fruit snacks?”
  3. The scam:  While trying to understand this adorable toddler, smart, problem-solving adults repeat the only intelligible words they hear as he yells, “OK!” running to the pantry to get his fruit snacks that you so generously offered.

Welcome to The Mumble Scam.

photo credit: Kalexanderson cc

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