writing a poem

Well I guess I should do a “Welcome to The Scam” post and introduce myself (and my husband since he’s obviously too cool to do so himself).   Sooo…welcome!  I’m the other half of this experiment.   A part-time S@HM and part-time working mother who is constantly telling herself “it’s the best of both worlds”.   Is it the best of both worlds?  I have no idea, but that’s what I’m going with because it makes me feel better.  As for this little experiment, I have lots of reasons for diving into the blogging culture and I’m sure my hubby has his reasons too.  The ones I’m willing to admit to…

  1.  Documenting moments for myself, family and friends that would be lost to the nether regions of my brain otherwise.  And who knows maybe my children will be interested in these stories one day.  My husband assures me they won’t, but you never know.
  2. I’m also probably going to be using this joint venture as a way to “talk” to my husband and “listen” to him.  I know,  totally pathetic but we seriously have very little time to ourselves these days.  And I kind of miss him…
  3. For my sanity.  I know totally cliché but true.

Well there you have it.

photo credit: Kalexanderson via photo pin cc

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