The Supercenter Self-Esteem Anomaly

During my last trip to our Wal-Mart Supercenter I was waiting for the obese person in front of me to park their scooter near one of the front exits and I had an odd experience. I know, what are the chances?

While standing in the check cashing line, just to the right of my languishing cram-packed cart, a very pregnant girl with her two toddlers decided it would be a good time to start a flirtatious conversation with the guy standing in front of them.  It was like observing an elusive breed of hillbilly in captivity or an obscure white trash offshoot exploiting an opportunity with a male of non-immediate relation.

She expertly struck up a banter with the guy about their shared experience with, ‘Can you believe this f***ing line?’. He adjusted his backwards ball cap, ensuring it was properly backwards, smiled, and began a conversation that reminded me of why I support requiring a license to become a parent.

As the gap-toothed pregnant girl smiled back, checked her cell phone, and slipped it back intro her bra, the incessant beeping of the scooter reversing subsided. I knew this uncomfortably close, voyeuristic scene was somehow special. I wouldn’t be near people with such exceptional abilities to make bad decisions until my next trip, and that reminded me of how Wal-Mart Supercenters are truly magical places.

Prices rollback by themselves, hundreds of people work there but are never seen, socially acceptable behavior disappears at the sliding doors, and incredibly unattractive people spontaneously develop self-esteem.

photo credit: Ron Dauphin via photo pin cc

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