Don’t Crowd the Checkout Line

This might be too early for another Wal-Mart story but this happened at the Neighborhood Market so technically it’s a different venue and that’s my justification.

As most people who have used a shopping cart in the past decade know, today’s carts are big and the aisle widths are shrinking at most grocery stores. The companies are constantly trying to cram more product into the same space due to customer demand, rising costs, blah blah blah; whatever.

In the ongoing floorspace war in our nearest Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market it looks like the checkout lines are losing the fight, and the conveyor belts are now just a smidge longer than your four-passenger shopping cart.

I have no idea if the belts are truly shorter or not, but what I do know is that Mark III Conversion carts should need licenses to push and that’s what brings up my point of don’t crowd the checkout line.

The lines are already cramped, impulse candy and tabloids are looming on each side, and the cashier has always punched a button that they have no idea how to fix. So, while I’m busy¬† loading the 1,000 plastic bags into my cart, because I forgot to bring my own reusable bags, have some common sense and don’t crowd up on the credit card reader. It’s not that hard; take your eyes off your ghetto sparkly phone, look directly in front of you and don’t move forward until I’m not standing there. I’m not saying I’d actually kick someone’s cart at them, but it did cross my mind.

If I wanted to deal with the crap in this video I’d move to Japan. So do everyone a favor and don’t be a dumbass, and don’t crowd the checkout line.


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