Almost Stepped In A Moment

Luna & Lyla

Had I known what saving $5.00 would have gotten me I wouldn’t have done it, but funny things happen early in the morning and seemingly unrelated situations have a way of coalescing.

It was 2 AM as I staggered out of bed and opened our bedroom door into a wall of noxious fumes that could have curled hospital linoleum. One of our dogs had woken me up whining in a desperate plea to go outside, but it was too late. It was a full, level-5 biohazard situation.

Earlier that day, while under strict orders from the wife to stay under budget at the grocery store, I had opted to save $5.00 and bought a cheaper brand of dog food; its bag proclaimed wonderful ingredients and flavor so where’s the harm? And our dogs seemed to really like it.

Little did I know that approximately 12 hours later I would be faced with an obstacle course of dog diarrhea that wound its way throughout the living room and would ultimately end with a small mountain of poo in the kitchen.  It was the exact opposite of pure awesome.

As I used an entire roll of paper towels and copious amounts of bleach, I thought about how lucky we are to have concrete floors and hardwood in the kitchen. If this amazingly disgusting and smelly mess had been on carpet, the $5.00 savings would have easily been a whole carpet burning in the backyard. And that thought led to appreciation, weird I know, but right then I was so thankful for concrete just being concrete that the whole crazy world made sense for a split second.  And that thought led to being thankful for what I have.

A nice warm fuzzy feeling followed, which could have been from the bleach fumes, but I felt very content. It may have been because I was so tired and/or delirious, but, strangely, I didn’t want to curse the world and lament my lousy situation. It was very weird, and I’m not entirely certain how a middle of the night biohazard cleanup transitioned to internal reflection about appreciation but, for whatever reason, it did that night.

It seems the busier we become the easier it is to lose focus of the good things we have in life, especially in tough economic times and in a society that encourages the desire for more and more.  So, I made a short list for posterity and as a reminder of just how thankful I should be.

Appreciation List

Mumbles and Doll Face – laughing, smiling, tickling, running, jumping, dancing, singing, sleeping, wanting to be around mom and dad
The Woman
Relatively Good Health
Computer Games
Comfy bed/good pillows
Cherry Coke
Air Conditioning
Not having carpet

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