Shake Your Booty

Trying to decide the best ways to engage and promote personal finance education to youngish people would be difficult for anyone. Just telling kids not to be poor probably doesn’t sink in like it should and retirement funds and interest rates don’t hold the same mystery and excitement they do for people over 30.

I wouldn’t want to have the job of trying to make people under 20 think personal finance is fun; they don’t have any money, most spell horribly, they will live forever and just don’t have the time to learn life skills when there’s an important Facebook post to respond to.

Thankfully, the experts at the Personal Finance Education Group (PFEG) have created an app to help students age 16-19 avoid future financial ruin, called My Money Shaker. The UK’s leading financial education charity (their description) has created a veritable encyclopedia of finance on your smartphone in the form a pirate named Booty, whom you have to shake after typing in a financial term.

“But watch out – he’s a joker is that Booty.” 

You may be wondering, what could make a financial savant pirate named Booty any better? I’m sure PFEG wondered the same thing and decided to make him a smart ass. So Booty’s first response to your financial quandary will never be correct and you literally have to shake your smartphone to get the answer.

What does APR mean? Shake your Booty to find out.

Need to know what loan points are? Shake your Booty.

This is a legitimate app that was actually created to help supplement a high school teacher’s curriculum according to the PFEG’s product page, and is offered for free through iTunes or on Android for anyone wanting to have their own Booty to shake.

I do understand, making personal finance fun for teenagers is difficult, maybe even impossible and I’m appalled that {insert incredible sarcasm here} the giants of personal finance haven’t promoted the genius that is Booty the pirate as much as their regurgitated save money tips.  But a digital pirate who won’t even give you a straight answer unless you shake him?


Public education has even failed jolly old England it has!



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